Friday, September 28, 2007

Stepping To The Sidelines

Made some money in TSL and EXM on shorts and I'm choosing not to get overly involved in this low-volume market.

As far as swing trades go, I closed my DE position at $148.70 and my FED at $50.27. I also initiated a LAZ short at $42.37. "The Fly" best be right about that one...

So for now, my swing account reads:

100 POT
100 NMX
-200 LAZ

The good news on my swing account is that (as of yesterday's close) I made $1135 in it for the month. Doesn't sound like much, I know, but considering that I was down $1500 in it right after the FED cut, I'll take it. Also, I only traded this account with small positions... 100 and 200 shares. I may try to build those positions slightly in October if the market is still cooking.

Going surfing.

Global Warming IS Real Afterall!

Hey, if Bush says it's true, it must be... right? True leadership!

Actually, now I'm beginning to doubt it.

CNBC And Their Damn Anchors

Melissa Lee has the worst voice on TV. It defines nasal.