Friday, October 12, 2007

FOX Business Should Hire Melissa Theuriau

Basically it would be their "nuclear option." CNBC would be dead.

I don't care what she says... it just sounds right. Global Warming? Big deal. Terrorism? Whatever! So yeah, she's perfect for FOX because people will never pay attention to the content of what she's saying!

Meanwhile, take the time this weekend to visit here, leave some comments and VOTE ON THE DAMN POLL! Will you watch FBN?

Wolf Parade, "Shine A Light"

Enjoy the weekend. Great rock song.

Meanwhile, the scene where the 2 guys are laughing at him seems a little over the top, no?

Virtual Office, $1070. Dow, +77.96, 14093.08.

OBAT, $614 on 5800 shares traded.
Akalawoo, $470 on 35 contracts traded.
Misstrade, $295 on 2300 shares traded.
Me, $8 on 5200 shares traded.
Bubs, no trades.
Tapeworm, no trades.
Momojuicing, no trades.
Evolution, -$317 on 58,200 shares traded.

Well yeah, things were much slower today. We barely got over 1 billion shares on the NYSE. Not a lot of oomph to that rally to be sure.

Yesterday had the feel of an aberration... I just hope we can get some action during earnings season which starts in full this coming Tuesday.

It's good to see OBAT up there at the top of the pile.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend. Feel free to drop by the site and post comments in the "open thread." Share you life philosophy, your trading philosophy, whatever...

NOTE: No daily post tonight... I barely traded. After yesterday I basically "took a breather..."

Lots Of "Texture" In The Market

Meaning, "chop."

Everyone is freaked after yesterday. The market goes up a bit and so everyone "sells the rally." The market goes down a bit, everyone thinks the market is going to dip 200, it doesn't, and they rush to cover.

In short, expect a chopfest.

I'm assuming today will suck. However, I'll hang out and stare at the screens allowing that brain tumor to suck up a little more radiation and grow just a little bigger, effectively removing a couple of more minutes from my life.

Seriously, sometimes being surrounded by all these 2000-era flatscreens makes me sure that I'm sucking up way too much radiation.

Chat Room

Let's give this a try. I was browsing around last night and ran into a "Happy Hour" chat over at Trading Goddesses site. This little chat application was pretty effective.

So, today, after the fireworks of the morning are over I'll be on the chat for a bit around 11am. Of course, that's always subject to change, given market conditions, but let's give it a shot. And, of course, I don't have to be here for you people to chat. You'll know I'm there when you see "Dinosaur Trader" as a chatter with the Ivory Gull avatar.

If it works out, I may just leave it up all the time. It will be good to have a fallback for when Wallstreak goes down!

UPDATE: Not bad... I think from now on when I host "chats" I'll do it in the market's off hours. I'll try again soon. If anyone has any good ideas about how do do this, lemme know. I'm thinking 9pm on Monday nights or something.