Friday, October 12, 2007

FOX Business Should Hire Melissa Theuriau

Basically it would be their "nuclear option." CNBC would be dead.

I don't care what she says... it just sounds right. Global Warming? Big deal. Terrorism? Whatever! So yeah, she's perfect for FOX because people will never pay attention to the content of what she's saying!

Meanwhile, take the time this weekend to visit here, leave some comments and VOTE ON THE DAMN POLL! Will you watch FBN?


hrgreen said...

D'cored mes ames... I watched for 3 minutes before I realized she was not speaking english... I pretty much dont care.....

Dinosaur Trader said...

I'm with ya... maybe propaganda and facism wouldn't be so bad if she was serving it up.


Denarii said...

I want you to reopen the CNBC poll and put her on it. I want to change my vote.

With so many Anti-Fox channnels and only one Fox channel - why do you get so crazy about it?

Dinosaur Trader said...

I don't know of any "anti-FOX" channels... I see all media heading to the right.

Meanwhile, I get so crazy about it because it bothers me that people are watching government propaganda that is masquerading as regular "news." It's just one of those nagging principle things...


High Probability Trader said...

I saw her video a few months back, a hot reporter that is french. I love chicks with accents

Denarii said...


Are you sure your are not heading left? A poll came out recently (I will try to find it) by a less bias source that stated the people of the left (59%) are happy with the way news and information is being presented on TV and only 19% of people on the right are happy. The number on the left numbers keep increasing over the years and the number on the right decreases. This kind of flys in the face on your feeling it is moving to the right.

A course the numbers are totally opposite with radio. The right is happier and the left is very unhappy. And the numbers are moving to the rights favor over the years.

I agree with both. Most if not all of Fox programming is to the right but I can not think of one other news like station that is on the right. CNN was gone from right to left over the last decade and what I can't understand is how fast CNBC is moving to the left is so many ways. I think it will hurt their ratings.

Also with the bigest newspapers in the country have a left bias.

Tell me where I am wrong.