Monday, August 18, 2008

now this is music

Now this is music!
True statement: DT sported this gay hairdo not too long ago.
And, I'm fairly certain he owned the same jacket that Jack is sporting here.


That's right. I've had enough of this blog shit, thinking you are the best dinosaur in the family. Right now, you are camping like some crunchy granola freak in your tent with Judy, and no internet access.

From now on, this is MY site, and you are my dinosaur bitch. Traders of the world, (or the 7 of you who regularly tune in to read DTs crappy posts) I give you the real talent in the family: Dinosister.

Be prepared to cough up lots of your oily dough to send my way, and I'll reward your sorry asses with the real dirt on DT. Oh, and I'll replace his crappy music with the real deal. Be prepared for some changes around here - there is a new dinosaur in town, and she's ready to rip you all a new one for putting up with this inane blog for so long.

I will accept opening bids no lower than $5,000 to spill the DT beans.

guess which one is the dinosaur

Guess which one would be the dinosaur, if I was actually his brother and not his cooler sister?