Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A "Ramble" On Third-Tier Blogs

-Ragin Cajun, third-tier blogger. (h/t Shane)

If you read my first piece on "the tier system" over at the Peanut Gallery, then you'll recall that I said there were two main ingredients that first-tier blogs have, traffic and community. It goes without saying that content is king.

Traffic is something that all third tier blogs lack (at least in significant numbers). So while there are many different types of third-tier blogs they all have one thing in common; they are all dependent on first-tier blogs for traffic growth.

Some of the more shameless third-tier bloggers (myself and Woody included) "link-whore" themselves on first-tier blogs in an attempt to draw more traffic to their own blogs. It's a low-percentage play, but look how this practice has benefitted Woody.

Just a few months ago he was clacking away on the fake parchment paper that was his "trailerparkesque," third-tier blog. Now, he is "The Woodshedder," first-tier blogger over at IBankCoin.

I guess over time, by spending hours and hours at places like Technorati, or My Blog Log, or commenting on every damn blog every day forever, that you could build up a decent readership without having to suck at the "teet" of the first-tier bloggers. But man, it would probably take forever.

Much better to have traffic thrown at you than to slave for it.

So ultimately, two things are necessary for a third-tier blog to make the jump up the "tier system." Solid links from good blogs, and excellent original content so that once people have found you they hang around and comment enough to form that other, more elusive element of first-tier blogs, "community."

Now, since we understand what it is that third-tier blogs lack, here's a brief, categorized, list of some third-tier blogs.

Subcategories of third-tier blogs

An excellent example of a third tier blog is Ragin's (see picture, above) blog. His blog is also "gay" which is a subcategory of "third tier blog." You'll notice that Ragin (club name, "The Rage") also exhibits very typical third-tier blogger behavior every time he asks "the Fly" if his blog is still third tier. Only third-tier bloggers seek acceptance from first-tier bloggers in such a blatantly humble way.

Then you have Danny's old blog (which I won't link here due to our "blogging standoff"). Moneyskater is a perfect example of another subcategory of the third-tier blog, the "copycat blog." He not only borrowed the color scheme and theme of "the Fly's" old blog, but he also lifted jargon directly from "the Fly" and even went so far as to think the masses cared when he bought or sold stock.

Imagine taking investment advice from an unemployed skater... It's hilarious!

Still, this strategy worked out quite nicely for "the scruffy, beer-chugging one" as he latched onto a first-tier blogger with a large enough ego, and became the so-called "bride of Fly." He now enjoys first-tier blogger status and uses his new found power to disparage and divide the third-tier blogging class.

Another subcategory of the third tier blog is the "adsensed" blog. A good example of the "adsensed" blog, is Bubs' trading blog. His blog is crawling with so many adverts that it's sometimes hard to go there and not buy implants of some sort.

Oddly enough, "the Fly's" new site is quickly becoming adsensed. Time will tell what becomes of a "whored-out" first-tier blog.

There are the "crazy" bloggers. For this example, we have our friend HPT. Dude lost $20 grand in one day, freaked out and changed the name of his blog to "High Probability Trader Blowup." Now, you never really know what you're going to find over there. Go back in his archives before the "blow-up" and it's like, a whole different place.

Then you have the "ex-trekkie/emo-kids/porn freak"sub-category. There is only one blog that fits into this category... Move The Markets. Incidentally, MtM also appeals to fans of Mr. Rodgers... It's a sick place really. It makes me feel uncomfortable every time I need to go there.

-the Move the Markets team of bloggers

Below the 3rd tier, naturally, is the 4th tier, or, "the spawning ground." This is where many blogs die unfortunately, never busting through that 100 page view a day kind of existence. Some will fight through the loneliness and adversity and manage to gain third-tier blog status... most will not.

There are countless examples of such blogs. Indeed, they make up the vast majority of the blogosphere. However, I won't point them out. You just don't link to fourth-tier blogs. In fact, if you do... you may be considered a forth-tier blogger yourself. Very dangerous territory really. Only first-tier bloggers are safe to link to forth-tier bloggers and even that carries a little risk.

-the "Fourth-Tier"

Finally, you have the cult blogs. Blogs that have been abandoned by their authors but live on nonetheless. An example of this could be Jake's old blog or even mdawsz's lispy blog... which interestingly enough, was once a third-tier blog.

Then there are the dead blogs. Ducati's blog and Momojuicing's blog are examples of blogs that flamed out without a trace. Both of these blogs can no longer be accessed via the internet. Ducati, should you need him, can still be accessed over at "the Fly's" site. Momojuicing simply vanished.

Oh, and let's not forget the "bear blog." Visiting a bear blog is somewhat akin to going to a 24-hour newstand to pick up a copy of Hustler at 3am when you're drunk, horny and alone. You go there, sometimes, but you don't want anyone to see you.


tapeworm said...

LOL...i love the pics of ragin cajun and the MtM team

Woodshedder said...

Jake, well done. Awesome.

And I out-clicked from ibank to get here.

You really made me laugh out loud.

Woodshedder said...

WTF? Did I write Jake?

Holy shit...LOL>>>

D.T., I'm sorry.....lmao.....

Woodshedder said...

Another characteristic of gay, third tier bloggers- they write about birds.

Dinosaur Trader said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dinosaur Trader said...


An emu is a bird... so even though you now enjoy first-tier status, you still exhibit some of your third-tier ways...


Woodshedder said...

DT- really, do you think that irony was lost on me?

Danny said...

I post my trades so I can reread why I liked the trade in the first place, if it works out. Surely you've heard of a trading journal.

Most importantly, I feel it's a good thing I don't lose money each and every day in a pretend office, and then write a daily post lamenting "how hard the market is to trade" or else fly might have me fired.

Maybe you should start copying misstrade, who, for the last year, I thought was a girl--Miss trade. That dude banks.

But, this was a funny post, so congrats on steering some PG traffic away to your site. Your community is in the mail.

OBAT said...

Your post got me laughing, especially the pictures.

Broker A said...


Fuck you.

HPT said...

That was awesome DINO.
The top pic had me laughing from the get-go, thinking, is that really rajin, dam that pic is gay. and club name "The Rage",,,busting up. Your right about the 3rd tier sucklkings, such as myself, and the geekiness over at MTM. Excellent post DINO.

Broker A,,,are you related to New Equity??

Street said...

Entertaining post DT.

I got a good laugh from your descriptive post of "third tier" blogs.

Good stuff with a splash of humor. Keep it up.

artha said...

Very entertaining and so funny, especially the pictures! You are a first-tier writer in my opinion. :)

Visiting the Fly's supersite is like going to the bazaar, it's fun and depending on the day, you'll find a good deal or two.

Dinosaur Trader said...

If I siphon enough traffic away from broker, should I name the new site "Dinosaur Gallery?" or "DinoBanksCoin?"

Maybe I'll put up a third-tier poll or something.


Dinosaur Trader said...


Great description of "the Fly's" new site, a bazaar!


Bubs said...

My readers have been lazy lately, they stopped clicking the ads once the contest was over. I might have to take some action.

I happy at my third-tier level. I don't think I can handle all these people hanging onto my nuts, waiting for my next post.

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least I got a link out of the deal. Also, those people at move the markets look pretty cool, I wonder if we could all hang out on Saturday night.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I received an email from them. They're busy Saturday night at a meeting to discuss the squire of gothos.

Maybe next Saturday night.

Oh, and Danny, I would love to copy Misstrade's trading style but as everyone knows, he's an algorithmic trade bot.


Danny said...

that doesnt suprise me. I would be willing to team up with you and steal his computer.

i know nothing about this misstrade except that he banks waaay more coin than I, sounds like a girl, and apparently, is a robot. I hate robots.

KC Equity Trader said...

Death to all 4th tier blogs and good fortune to all those aspiring 3rd tier blogs out there.

"It is better to blog and lost than never blogged at all."

ainkurn said...

great post, too bad my blog falls into the Fourth-Tier category. Oh well, I still enjoy posting every day.

Noisy said...

Lol - classic stuff!

Anything-Goes said...

I have small and exclusive community of visitors and if that makes me a third/fourth tier then let it be.. cuz the force is with me. :|

Doug said...

Your best post yet, DT. --DougSF

Caravaggio said...

Very funny review on the blogging ecology DT...but less funny is the realisation that I am firmly at the bottom of the food chain. Beyond the elite (read 'small') cadre of die hard loyalists, half the hits are from myself, and the other half come from spambots and unintentional visitors. : (

Caravaggio said...

Very funny review on the blogging ecology DT...but less funny is the realisation that I am firmly at the bottom of the food chain. Beyond the elite (read 'small') cadre of die hard loyalists, half the hits are from myself, and the other half come from spambots and unintentional visitors. : (

StockRake said...

I live in the 2nd tier all by myself.