Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fuck Tupperware

Seriously, I just spent 10 minutes trying to find a lid to match a bowl. And the whole time, as I knelt on the floor wading through our Tupperware collection (which has now been infiltrated by Gladware and shit like that), the sink was running.

But I couldn't tear myself away to turn it off.

I had to find the lid. Had to.

In the end, I didn't find the lid.

Instead, I had to use a piece of Tupperware that was really far too large for my needs and has now stressed out the refrigerator situation.

I hate the shit, and tomorrow, purely out of revenge, I plan on selling short 100,000 shares of the company.

UPDATE: Had I sold that 100,000 shares, I would have made $77,000. Ah well...

This About Sums It Up...

I lost a little money today... and a lot of stored reserves of sanity.

Time Waster / Spirit Lifter enclosed

Watch the following over and over for the contagious reaction:

Just Bad...

Not so much my trading (although I'm down a little today while the RO rips it...) but my neighbor clear-cutting the half acre behind my house.

The local government is corrupt, I'm sure of it... they have all sorts of "review boards" and shit that are not supposed to let this stuff happen. After all, if people want to live in suburbia with an above ground pool 20 feet from their house, they can do that... just about everywhere. It's these last spots that have a somewhat rural nature that should really be preserved.

I feel very dark today after I had a great start to the day at the beach.

The sound of chainsaws 30 feet from my office is getting a little old, so I'm getting out of here. I'll have an RO post up later this evening...

I will be putting all my spare energy going forward into selling my house. It's been a long time coming.