Thursday, July 24, 2008

The RO Report

So far, no update... should the report come through, I'll update this link.

I had a wild day. I was actually having a bona fide "good day" and kind of fucked it all up. I still ended nice, but way off my highs.

Importantly, I've gotten a bit of a "taste" again, and am thinking more aggressively. Aggressive trading is what this current market is all about.

Check back in a bit...

UPDATE: 4:48

Here we go. Out of 27 traders, 24 were positive, or 88%. I was #16 of 27.

Here's the top dogs.

1. $13,110
2. $9,493
3. $9174

And the bottom...

1. -$1,959
2. -$1,098
3. -$445

Good music drops with the sun.

1 comment:

Soulfire said...

Good blog and commentary.

I have a question on your RO postings:

I curious as to how much starting capital goes in to achieving $80K+ daily returns like that you listed in an earlier entry.

What is the average capitalization of the top players- $50K, $100K, $200K+?

How about for the lowest members?