Friday, March 16, 2007

Weekly Stats for the week ending 03.16.07

Monday: $28 (hahahah)

Best: CRS $349
Worst: TNH -$163

25 stocks traded: 11 positive, 14 negative

Tuesday: $330

Best: FED $501
Worst: PCP -$74

15 stocks traded: 6 positive, 9 negative

Wednesday: $2286

Best: SQM $762
Worst: GHL -$296

20 stocks traded: 13 positive, 7 negative

Thursday: -$847

Best: TNH $409
Worst: SQM -$512

13 stocks traded: 4 positive, 9 negative

Friday: -$185

Best: SQM $469
Worst: TNH $391

11 stocks traded: 4 positive, 7 negative

Total: $1612 Weekly Profit


Not a bad week excepting Thursday, which hurt. I think it's strange that on a couple of days my best stock then turned out to be my worst stock the next day and vice-versa. Not sure what that means exactly, other than perhaps I do well in a stock and I think I'll do well again, so I get more aggressive in it and then I get smoked. But still, that doesn't explain why my worst on some days becomes my best the next. Who knows? It probably means nothing. But I'll be watching for this pattern more now.

Enjoy your weekend. It's St. Patrick's day tomorrow. Don't do anything stupid.

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