Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

Listen, in the world of the VO, only the strong survive.

I tell the pikers (and futures traders) before they join, "Look, you're a piker and you'll never "make it" but if you want to risk everything for the glory of joining the VO, then be my guest."

Some join, many face the honest truth that they are pikers and move on. Don't forget, 99.9999% of all daytraders lose money... joining the VO doesn't change that statistic.

So, Tapeworm is gone.

It started with posting the porn over at MtM. I mean, you have Mr. Rodgers and a gaggle of old astrophysics majors trying to figure out the market with special graphs and squiggly lines and then out of nowhere, Tapeworm starts posting porn on their site. Was this just a desperate attempt to boost traffic over there? or was it the first signs of Tapeworm becoming unglued.

Who knows?

Soon, I expect MtM to set up a "sweatshop cam" or something in order to entertain the masses.

Fare thee well, Tapeworm! I'm sure that you will be readily absorbed into the shadows of this world, never to be seen again.

NOTE: I've just been handed a note by special courier... it is written in code but I've been led to believe it is a new request to join the VO by another stock trader.


Bubs said...

The VO is going to hell, it all started with my departure.

Dinosaur Trader said...

We already have a new member (to be announced shortly) and a whole line of new members after that who are just waiting to get in.

VOers are a dime a dozen. People are masochists, I guess.


Bubs said...

The more the better, especially if their good traders. Good to see the potential profits that are out there. Are you limiting the number for any reason?

High Probability Trader said...

Let's face it. The VO is crap without Misstrade. DT had a big day in July or August, but besides that, everyone else is mediocre. It's fun to see what's going on thou, and there might be a good chance for networking with good traders.

Dinosaur Trader said...


That's crap. I'm beginning to have doubts that Misstrade is even a human. I think instead he's a supercomputer located somewhere on the west coast. Probably programmed by the MtMers...

The VO is all about seeing what it's like to make your money from the market, day in and day out. Losing is a huge part of the equation (for humans) and thus, I find each trader in the VO interesting. They all have their daily stories to tell.

Big days are generally the anomoly...


Dinosaur Trader said...


I limit the number mainly for sanity purposes. Also, I like to read the blogs of the people I let in. So, that's a consideration for me as well...


tapeworm said...

great post, and i am honored...if only my friends and family had such great things to say about me

Dinosaur Trader said...


Please keep in touch and tell us of the shadows.


tapeworm said...

of course...i will still be around making immature comments, and losing money in the shadows of obscurity