Thursday, November 1, 2007

Virtual Office Poll

The Virtual Office chews traders up and then spits them out. Lately, the rate of turnover has increased.

Who will be the next to go?



BUY ON THE DIP said...

sign me up!

after our CORX loss we could use a side job.


High Probability Trader said...

I voted for Dehtrader. Come join me, and Bubs. Life is less stressful when you leave the virtual office. DINO I'm not ready to come back fully. Work, school, and working on a solid trading plan with no blow ups are my goals right now. The VO creates a good network to see what other traders are doing. MISSTRADE obviously has a much large account than the rest of us, so P/L in terms of % gain for the account may tell a better story. I think DINO is one of the top traders here along with Evolution. I think Akalawoo is good too and must be smart in order to trade those options intraday to make money.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Ouch, sorry about that CORX.

Shoot me an email...


Bubs said...

I think Evolution is slowly taking over as the top trader, misstrade doesn't count he's a machine.

Dinosaur Trader said...

One thing about Evolution, he's only been at this for a year. Very impressive.


lawrence said...

evo rocks... i wonder did he have a evo ... haha roar ...

obat starting good too. I understand how much stress you have... work, study, trade = stress stress stress

Reese said...

I think Dehtrader hangs in there for awhile. He's been at this for awhile and is consistent (whether winning or losing) even though he works a full-time job (albeit, his own business).

Bubs said...

I'm going to start my own virtual office for all the traders that got chewed up over here.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I have a patent on the Virtual Office.


High Probability Trader said...

Hey Bubs, I was thinking of something similiar. But having posts showing P/L's of traders only does one thing for the reading community; which is motivation, and on the other end, it provides questions from newbies and possible networking with other successful traders.

I'm curiuous DINO,
What has the virtual office done for you?
Out of all the blogs, you should be recieving the most traffic, which means you could be making money from add revenue, not a lot mind you, but more than any of us would make from our blogs. I'm guessing you have got some networking connections in the past. I have, and these people have been helping me out a lot, and I have been helping them out as well.
Most of the trading blogs are more of a place for entertainment, and I confess I am not any different with my share of blow ups and emotional outbursts displayed on my blog in the past which entertained most and increased traffic to my blog. I would much rather get traffic to my blog by having big P/L days, but that is easier said then done.
MY BLOG in a way is a resume for the future if I ever want to apply for a firm. looks like I should just make a post about this on my blog now because this is getting too long winded.

lawrence said...

yo obt,

i believe that by having VO will benefit Dino not really in term of money but i think it should be in a form of motivation.

Is just like creating a competion. You always aim to be the top. You alway want to outperform the other. So in a sense is much of a healthy competition.

Well of cos dino lose out on internet marketing which can give him some nice income.

Yo dino if you want to monetise your blog. Feel free to ask me. I know about internet marketing too.

My blog is fully monetise + will be lauching some products soon.

Other trader who need help in creating some Coffee money through blogging feel free to drop me a mail.

All the best all guys and have a nice weekend.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Yep, Akalawoo hit the nail on the head. I'd like to keep the site ad-less for now. I hate when I read sites and they are full of ads. VO is purely in the form of healthy competition, plus, when I started blogging I always was surfing around checking the sites of the guys who put their p&ls out there. This saves me some work!

And let's face it, the VO is a big party.

Anyway, Bubs and HPT will be back in time, I hope. And hopefully, once Ragin gets his prop trade on he'll join as well. However, he may be too prideful to finish last everyday...


High Probability Trader said...

Rajin= OWNED


Dinosaur Trader said...

Ragin is constantly pwned by me... you should see how I bludgeon him over at Wallstreak.

Incidentally, I think I may cut my Wallstreak habit.


MIsstrade said...

Trade em and enjoy the rich life. The VO office is for fun. Life is for living.

Stewie said...


I think i might be the next one leaving the VO. Yeah, i know, so soon? Well, taking a break from trading for a week or so, i have come to the conclusion that wallstreak, blogging and making my PnL public is actually hurting my performance and not helping. So, i will focus on getting my focus back in place and i'll just focus on blogging part time just to help fellow traders. I had a ton a fun but it just was hurting my bottomline and i trade for a living and need to focus on me now. Much love DT!