Friday, November 2, 2007

Stock Earnings For Friday November 2nd

Who cares? The market freaked out yesterday. It's emotion and not earnings reports that's ruling this market right now.

Take out that "lint free" cloth and wipe your glasses.

The job number is about to be released... it will give the bulls the chance to argue for Dow 50,000 and the bears a chance to argue for Dow 10,000.

In short, anything can happen today and probably will. The close is more important than the open.

UPDATE: Nonfarm payrolls up 166,000. The market freaks out to the upside! Dow 50,000!

QUESTION: Who let Michelle Cabrusa Cabrera out of the 4:00am time-slot? Click!


Bluedog said...

Awesome news!!! It couldn't happen on a better day (NYX earnings). :D


Dinosaur Trader said...

Milk that stock for all it's worth, BD!


Bluedog said...


You're exactly right, who cares about earnings. The market is still freaked out. Every time I buy into a stock that's been beat up, it keeps sinking. This market is soft!! I might short the whole market. ;)


bloggerdotcom said...

Here comes MER....

More OBS arrangements, like C and... Enron and... others we don't know about.

Every time MER's price looks to rebound it just gets smacked further, short-at-any-price style.


Dinosaur Trader said...


I think you're dead on. Short the bounces, then?