Friday, November 2, 2007

The Market Giveth And I Giveth Back

Two days in a row where I was up nicely and managed to give large sums of money back to the market. I've been trading nervously and overtrading with absolutely no patience. If something doesn't work for me right away, I've been getting out of the position... often this means I buy back at higher prices or sell at lower prices.

In short, I'm trading shitty in a market that's great for trading. I feel like I should be losing money... no joke.

The market hasn't been this good to trade since August. Hopefully we can keep this up for a few more weeks. Perhaps that will give me enough time to learn how to trade again.

Anyway, my best trades of the day were shorts in ITU, CNS and TBSI. I also caught smaller moves in AB and RWT.

On the downside, I threw money away trading MTG. This stock frustrated me to no end. Another stock that destroyed me was ANW. I lost over $500 in each trying to short them when all they wanted to do was churn or move higher. These were silly, revenge trades.

Anyway, it was nice to surf midday. Tomorrow the surf here could be huge. I will try to get some video and post it over the weekend. While I was surfing I forgot all about the market... it's really nice to have an activity that takes your head away from the market. Really, I'm being serious here... if you want to be a better trader, get a hobby that you can lose yourself in from time to time... it's healthy.

Again, come say "hi" on the open thread this weekend.

Here's the stats:
Best, ITU,
Worst, MTG, -$507

60,600 shares traded.
29 stocks traded. 14 winners, 15 losers.
200 trades.


Bubs said...

Can't really complain about being up 2 grand

Dinosaur Trader said...


While it's true I made 2 grand, I also gave 2 grand away. So, it's the "giveaway" that I'm complaining about.

I'm just being hard on myself so I stop fucking up like that.