Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Noon Glance

Not too pretty today... I've taken too many midrange losers. This will be the last noonglance for at least a couple of days.

Going to experiment with removing the P&L entirely from my ES per advice from Misstrade who has been around the trading block a few times...

P&L -$282


MikeH said...

It's a great tip, you don't need to know your P&L while you're trading. It's just a distraction that will cloud your focus on your current trade. But you do want to have a cutoff point. My platform allows real time linking of values to excel, where I put in my loss limit and have it tell me if I exceed it. Then I immediately flatten. Some great advice on this here, and there's always another trading day.

Dinosaur Trader said...


It's funny, when I first began trading and then into the years when I was really doing well, I never looked. It became a habit of mine these past few years as I've slowed down.

Thanks much for the link and the comment.

I'm removing it tomorrow from my layout and will try to get back to focusing on the trade and not the financial result.