Friday, May 2, 2008

Special Message To SUV Drivers

STFU! Gas is cheap here. Go move to the mideast or Venezuela if you don't like it. (h/t WSF)

(By the way... that's a lightening bolt, coming out of the clear blue sky to fry the Hummer. My photoshopping skills are legendary and available to you for $400 an hour. Email for details.)


Tyro said...

Heavy trucks may be the first things to get hit. Already their resale values are dropping hard as people pay a premium for fuel efficient cars. The bigger issues may come when other things connected to rising fuel costs start to get hit. Maybe people will start to discount houses that are deep in the burbs as they realize they need to spend an extra $150/week on gas just getting kids to school and buying groceries, not to mention commuting. Now that could get interesting!

There was one other very telling point in the article:

"Everybody pays more, but the U.S. pays more in absolute terms," said Lee Shipper, a visiting scholar at the University of California Berkeley's Transportation Center. If you're already paying $4 in taxes, said Schipper, then an extra $2 a gallon isn't that big of a deal.

Denying the cost of gas has been politically expedient, but it's coming back to hurt people now.

Dinosaur Trader said...

I'm the kind of guy who likes to shop on my local main street. I think Walmart and all the other "big box" retailers have really hurt the sense of community that a village main street provides.

It's my hope that gasoline eventually goes high enough to make driving to a place like Walmart or Target not worth it...

And yeah, I hope SUV drivers get screwed. Small is the new big.


Pete said...

what do you drive? surfboard rack?

Dinosaur Trader said...

I get over 30mpg... and even that sucks. For too long Congress has been dilly-dallying instead of raising the CAFE standards. It's a national fucking disgrace that our politicians are all bought out by big oil and the car manufacturers.

We should be leading the world in the development of green technology and more fuel efficient cars. Instead, Toyota is, and they're stealing loads of business from US auto manufacturers.

The short sighted politicans have made our bed and now we're forced to lie in it. But people also need to be responsible for the purchases they make, and think about the consequences.

And no, I'm not losing money today... :)