Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ali Velshi... Really, Really, Annoying

I know... it's odd that I'm not complaining about a CNBC anchor. But Dinosaur Trader blog is always looking for new opportunities to mock "news personalities" and Ali Velshi, the CNN "money honey," needs to catch some heat.

I mean, if I turn on CNN and I see that dude's shiny head and stylish eyewear, I immediately have to change the channel. Dennis Kneale is an idiot, no one would argue otherwise, but at least he knows he's an idiot.

This Velshi guy thinks he's the bee's knees...


bloggerdotcom said...

Does this help any?

fufufnik said...

That's the first I've ever seen this guy. All I can say is, douche chills.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Yeah, he's 100% douche.

BDC, I wonder, when he told the cops "I have meth in my pocket" if he was thinking they'd be like, "Oh, cool, let's party!" Nice find.