Monday, January 28, 2008

Was Dennis Kneale Referring To My Post?

Or Danny's? We'll probably never know...

However, not only was my post up 6 hours before, but I also have a history of calling Mr. Kneale an idiot.

For example, a simple search on Google yields this.

Oh, and in the comment section of my post, I even asked Mr. Kneale to respond on air to my post.

So while it's true the traffic numbers at IBC are a multiple of mine, I'd argue that it's probable he found himself here. In fact, after watching the clip again, it seems obvious.

If so, welcome Mr. Kneale. Thanks for reading. Of course, you're welcome to weekend blog here to defend your honor.


HPT said...

HOLY SHIT........

your famous DT.

HPT said...

I think he called you out,,,

If DT goes missing in the next couple days, we'll know that it was the CNBC mob that got him.

I hope you got guns DT. Also call Sanglucci, because he sounds like a hardcore gangsta that might be able to help you out.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Sanglucci has my back.


mdawsz said...

He was challenging the Dinosaur. As a former member of the legal community, I can tell you Danny hasn't a leg to stand on.

Danny said...

former member exactly. My lawyer says I win.

Dinosaur Trader said...


What are you doing slumming over here?

Go back to your "third tier inside a first tier" blog, and stop copying my shit!


Skyb0x said...

I think your 15 minutes of fame was stolen... :-)

todd said...

congrats! you've officially made it, i guess. You could probably start charging admission fees to your blog now (or at least all all kinds of adverts). You knew all along those trolls were reading your blog and taking notes.
"When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen."
Hey, You're the y2k E.F. Hutton! How sweet is that!?

Bluedog said...

Congrats, you just made 2nd tier! =P


Danny said...

he says "thanks you guys"

Although he's retarded, I assume he knows you are one person.

he'd say, "thanks buddy" or some other nonsense.

I win.

mdawsz said...

Either way, watching that clip makes me feel sorry for him. Like we went too far with the name calling and now his feelings are hurt.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Hey Danny, I know you're getting all high and mightly about the traffic over at IBC, but are you now claiming to be more than one person as well?