Friday, September 7, 2007

Stock Market Volatility Back On The Rise

I'm going to go right out and hazard a guess that.... it IS bin Laden on the video... when has he made a video when it wasn't him? Jesus! It's him! Why do they always do this ridiculous "verification?"

Also, I'm not looking forward to all the "hair dye" jokes that we will be subject to in the next week since the guy dyed his beard.

Anyway, for such a large move in the market, I had a really boring day. I made decent money early and then churned for the entire afternoon. Had there been surf, I would have been at the beach. Instead, I sat it front of my computers, read "The Search For Captain Zero," (good rec. "chud") and made silly trades.

I'm tired. Our daughter woke us up at 3:30am screaming for "juice." It would have been fine, but she didn't stop screaming until 5:00am. Weird. I tell you, it hasn't been an easy week here at the Dinosaur residence.

Look, I don't feel like talking much about stocks or my trades. I'll share my blotter with you and then I'm going to drink a beer.

LDK $301
TNH $235
UBB $165
VMI $136
RWT $134
MTW $67
POT $67
TRA $57
NLY $43
CRS $42
WYE $9
HXM -$16
JLL -$67
FED -$72
LAZ -$90
BEN -$132
MOS -$275

Have a good weekend.

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