Friday, September 7, 2007

A Question For The Australians

Since I posted that Chasers video, I'm getting lots of Australian readers.

If any of you happen to be surfers, how big a problem are sharks there... really?

Over Labor Day weekend, a Thresher Shark washed up onshore in Queens, NY. Mr. Murdoch's (an Australian that kind of freaks me out, BTW) local newspaper here, The NY Post posted a large mug shot of the shark with the words, "Jaws Terrorizes The Rockaways."

Meanwhile, Thresher Sharks don't mess with people... but I guess it sold newspapers.

Here's a Thresher... check out that tail!


Wayne said...

Hey Dino,

I used to surf before I blew my shoulder up playing rugby. Probably 1 surfer a year goes to a Great White, but in reality, far more chance of getting a glass shoved in your face at the pub afterwards, than being bitten by a shark.

That said, we do see them quite often.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Thanks, Wayne.

So you mean they're around a lot but rarely bother people? That definitely goes against their myth.

What's the water temp there?


Wayne said...

Well, lets put is this way, if we see them, we don't wait around to see what they are going to do. lol

The Great white certainly are aggressive. There are a few other species that can be nasty and give you a bite.. bronze whalers & tiger sharks mainly. And a couple of other that will give you a nip on the ankle if you step on them, grey nurse, wobbegong etc.

Water temps vary. we're a big country like you. Warm, but not much surf in the tropical and subtropical north. Good surf and not bad temps around Sydney and Perth. Getting a bit chilly down around the south coast - Melbourne etc.

The SW can be chilly in winter too. BIG day near a place called Margaret River the other day... I think they eventually got up to 40 or 50 footers.,23599,22344767-2,00.html

Dinosaur Trader said...

Wow, great slideshow accompanied that article. That third pic was scary!

I asked about water temps because I always thought the Great White was a cold-water shark but a friend told me they even breed here. Here the water temp is in the high 60s right now.

As for Australia being a "big country," all I can say is that I hope our education system helps the Asian countries, like South Africa.