Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trader D Wins In A Landslide

I tell you what, "Trader D" didn't really need another victory, but he comes away with a rather convincing rout over the rest of the RO.

Now it's just a matter of providing "incentives" so that we may receive a nice post from "Trader D." Developing...

Here are the final results. The percentages don't add up to 100 because you were allowed to vote for more than one trader. The question was, "Which ROer would you like to see write a post?"

Trader A, 17 votes or 11%.
Trader B, 49 votes or 38%.
Trader C, 10 votes or 6%.
Trader D, 89 votes or 60%.
Trader E, 4 votes or 2%.
Trader F, 8 votes or 5%.
Trader P, 8 votes or 5%.
Trader Z, 14 votes or 9%.


Jorge said...

As a voter for Trader B, I hereby announce my intent to protest these results. I have evidence DT illegally registered accounts on blogspot.com in order to hand Trader D a victory.

More information forthcoming.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Actually, I voted for Trader P, since he has a rather scientific view of things.

Also, Trader A could write a good post.

Trader D has a rather unpredictable, drunken master style of trade. He could really smoke a lot of people with his advice.


coption said...

I would say from the numbers in the past two months. trader D, B, Z, A, P all deserve the #1 post! Money always speaks. I vote all of them. LOL

Complacent Panda said...

Don't forget dinosister.

Soulfire said...

That's what we need- a quick summary of each traders trading style- that would definitely have an impact on the voting.