Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Great Trading Market

Truly, July and August seem to want to usurp October and November as the best months of the year to trade.

The moves are nothing short of ridiculous, day in and day out. Banks, coals, ferts, oils, natty gas... you name it, they're moving, points at a time.

The opportunities are enormous and the profits (and losses) can be huge.

Keep your head.

I made a decent amount today and am calling it quits until the afternoon. They're out cutting the trees again and I need my daily dose of perspective, via visiting the ocean.

Top trader in my office was up $34k at 11:00. Not me...

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Jawbreaker said...

Good stuff DT. I have traders in my R.O. that are throwing down some nice numbers lately also. I really love to hear guys making big bucks in this business. It gives me incentive as a trader. One guy in my R.O. has made over 900k in the last 2 months. Pretty cool huh. Also DT, it sounds like your really starting to hit your stride which is good. I hope this volume and market swings continue for the rest of the summer at least.