Friday, January 30, 2009

The Week In Review

You know I'm a big media critic. And I hate CNBC... so does "the Fly." And he's dead on in this one.

Speaking of the media, there are an awful lot of goldbugs showing up on CNBC lately. Meanwhile, Complacent Panda says they're silly... take THAT goldbugs!

For all you dorks and Trader P.

Stories don't get much sadder than this.

Jamie found an interesting article on proprietary traders.

Were the ants gone before they filled it with concrete? Amazing. Nature holds all the answers, I'm sure of it.

Not sure what I hate more... dogs, or their stupid owners...

Why? Because dogs are ruthless killers... check those thumbnails.

Citigroup returns new $50 million jet. Here's a funny take.

RIP John Updike.

A walrus masturbating... no really... depending on your boss's sense of humor, probably NSFW.

The most delicious meal ever? Not sure what PETA would think...

Speaking of PETA, they finally get it. Sex sells. But does it sell vegetarianism? Apparently not on the Superbowl, since this ad was banned. Can someone explain how this shit gets banned yet you can sell all the beer you want with sex?

More irony.

Is credit weakness spreading to jumbo loans now?

Anyway, can I get a bailout?

Okay, forget the bailout... I just want a clean beach.

Obama's STFU face.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading this week. I will post a brief review this weekend.


mdawsz said...

Listen you, lets have another story about your menacing beard.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Next Thursday it's me versus a mouse in my garage, or me versus an old man in the hardware store... we will see.

Either way, I'll try to throw in a beard reference for you.


Ilya and Nicole said...

the obama face link is wrong

Dinosaur Trader said...

Thanks Ilya.