Saturday, January 31, 2009

What You Missed

A lot transpired here this past week so I've decided to wrap it all up for you in a sort of sick, self-linking sort of way. Take THAT stock-blogosphere!

Okay, first of all, since ostensibly, this is a stock blog (har! har!) I discussed a good trade I made in FAS. Then, as fate (and irony) would have it, I "chambermaided" myself the next day, mostly due to a bad trade in FAS.

But I moved on, and in the first installment of the Dinosaur Trader book club, I offered some thoughts I had on Michael Marcus, the famed futures trader. Then, out of nowhere, I got a bit creative on your ass and shared a bit of my history with you. Knowing that you hate it when I get all serious, the next day I tried to be funny. Finally, I give back to the Internets with a big linklove post.

Now I ask you, where else do you get such non-stop quality? I hope to provide you with more original content next week. And look, if you enjoy it here, please, tell your friends about this blog... I can't take "the Fly" calling me a "third-tier blogger" for too much longer. Thank you... that is all.


Attitude Trader said...

Don't worry DT!

We're behind you no matter what.

Really, what are friends for, right guys?...guys?...uh oh.


Dinosaur Trader said...

Exactly... like a goddamn morgue in here... echoes and everything.


Highlander said...

DT, after reading the comments on The Fly's blog today, it seems to me that he is the one who should be worrying about third tier status.

This blog is a very good one. I read it every day - I very much enjoy your writing, your music selections, and your point of view. Thanks for spending the time you put into it.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Thanks. I love "the Fly" he is by far my favorite blogger out there, but his comment section is mostly populated by total idiots.

Hard to control though.