Friday, August 15, 2008

The RO Report, "Living Manliness" Edition

A muddy day. No volume. Yes, you see the NYSE traded close to 1.2 billion, but it was OPEX Friday. So chop those 200 million extra shares at the open and we're the lowest volume day of the year, again... Still, the RO made lemonade out of the lemons... or, pebbles out of rocks... or Poland Spring out of tap water...

Anyway, I'm just gonna get to the numbers. I don't have too much color. I was busy doing manly shit all day... like hanging molding and ripping nails out of walls, just for the fun of it.

Out of 21 traders, 11 were positive, or 52%. I was #10 out of 21.

Here are the top 5:

1. Trader B, $4,980 on 322k shares traded.
2. Trader C, $4,095 on 158k shares traded.
3. Trader Z, $3,530 on 80k shares traded.
4. Trader F, $2,985 on 80k shares traded.
5. Trader #1, $1,519 on 18,600 shares traded.

And the bottom:

1. Trader D, -$1,888 on 79k shares traded.
2. Trader U, -$808 on 100 shares traded.
3. Trader H, -$764 on 5,800 shares traded.
4. Trader J, -$706 on 39,800 shares traded.
5. Trader T, -$420 on 2,100 shares traded.

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