Thursday, April 19, 2007

The market hates me and I hate it.

It's been a real battle here lately.

This morning I was down about $700 or so and then rallied and went up $600. Then, I went back into the red a little but by lunch had pulled into the green again. Most of the morning activity I had was in WSO. It was nuts. Check the graph.

The afternoon saw me churn, get frustrated and go back into the red. Another small loss. I can't seem to find winners lately and I think it's because I'm trading not to lose more than trading to win. Any advice? Dinosaurs have big ears.

I need to get away from the computer for the rest of the afternoon. Today is "playgroup" day at our house so there are 8 toddlers tearing my living room apart downstairs and 8 mothers drinking tea and eating cookies. I have to get out of here... quickly. Here are the stats:

P&L -$205

Best, JASO $155

Worst, RAS -$77

stocks traded, 22, 7 positive, 15 negative

shares traded, 43,200

total trades, 282


Rahul said...

You have been trading for a living for a long time so you more or less know what needs to be done. But when I get into a slump in anything in my life, positive affirmations and spreading positive mental energy around me helps and alleviates me psychologically to go back and tackle the problem.

Lately your post titles reek of negativity :)

Look into that.


Dinosaur Trader said...


Yes... you are correct and that is an EXCELLENT observation. I am swimming in a deep dark pool of negativity over here.

Not sure if you saw my most recent post but, I'm working on it!



Sydney said...

the market does not hate you, sometimes it pays more to be a psychoanalyst rather than a financial analyst

Woodshedder said...

Dino, check my latest post on recency bias. Is it possible that you are over-weighting this recent string of losses against what I assume has been a fairly successful career trading?

Dinosaur Trader said...

Woodshedder (TWW),

Great post on your blog. You bring up a great point. I am definitely focused more on recent events and probably lending them much greater weighting than really necessary.

Perspective is so important but sometimes so elusive.

Thanks for pointing me to your post. It was a solid one.