Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gustafer Yellowgold, "I'm From The Sun"

If you have a 3-year old, you'll want to check out Gustafer. I like to support anything that has nothing to do with Disney.


Danny said...

For agreeing with me on the police issue you have been upgraded to tier 2.1 and have assumed the top stop on my "southernmost" blogroll. Please mouseover your link for more color.

Congrats, DT wins again.

Noisy said...

I'll have to check Gustafer out. Maybe a little old for my 18-month old, but the music sounded fun. She is in love with Jack's Big Music Show right now.

Dinosaur Trader said...


It's good stuff. I don't mind listening to it at all. In fact, I genuinely like this song.


Glad we can come together over police abuse.


Anonymous said...

You have strange tastes in music weirdotrader.

JakeGint said...

Walt Disney just involuntarily defecated in his cryogenic chamber.

Is this what they're showing down at the "Little Red Schoolhouse" these days?

Criminy, back away from the toilet bong!