Friday, August 1, 2008

The RO Report... Smokefest

The RO got killed today, and I can't even tell you why since I was out most of the day. Perhaps it was the drinking... or maybe it was the girls.

Anyway, hopefully this isn't a "tell" on what August has to offer.

Out of 26 traders, 9 were positive, or 34%. That's the lowest % I've reported since I began with the RO figures. I was # 4 of 26. Not bad, but unfortunately, it came on a day when everyone else sucked. Nothing to cheer about then.

Here's the top 3:

1. $997 on 18,900 shares traded.
2. $754 on 25,800 shares traded.
3. $618 on 4600 shares traded.

And the bottom:

1. -$16,154 on 640,500 shares traded.
2. -$11,795 on 318,400 shares traded.
3. -$10,502 on 105,100 shares traded.


TraderPDX said...

Thanks for posting shares traded...helpful to see what kind of size they are swinging.

wincity said...

Yeah the volume data is very helpful. It tells the story.

HPT said...

You have cursed everyone with Aqua and the Barbie Girl Music video. It was only Karma coming back to you DT. I hope you take a good look in the mirror tonight and realize the seriousness of to what you have done by posting that music video. Shameful, and Bill Poole, he has no idea how bad it is out there,,,,,,
CNBC really played the shit out of that Cramer video today.
CNBC really sucks. You should send them that video of Aqua and redeem yourself DT.
Have a great weekend.

Soulfire said...

If the RO obtained results closer to the VO, then maybe the VO had a gangbuster day to equalize things.

Stewie said...

i can't help but notice that large share turnover usually leads to large losses. less trading equals better trading imho. friday i was up $3000 with two nice trades in USO and SKF. Took a break and for some reason, i traded the heck out of dead positions and ended down $3700 on the day. Over trading a choppy market is a large loss waiting to happen.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Agree about overtrading dead markets. Summer Fridays and summer Mondays are definitely a good time to take it easy...