Monday, February 25, 2008

Virtual Office, $1248. SPX, +18.00, 1373.50.

Me, $804 on 21,000 shares traded.
Ducati, $604 on 400 shares traded.
OBAT, $539 on 5600 shares traded.
Evolution, $352 on 37,000 shares traded.
Timmay, $205 on 1800 shares traded.
Retardo, no trades.
Wincity, no trades.
Denarii, -$12 on 300 shares traded.
Ainkurn, -$136 on 650 shares traded.
Dehtrader, -$1108 on 3391 shares traded.

Well, it was a pretty wild day today. The market didn't need Gasparino today, all it needed was S&P to reaffirm ABK's financial strength. This sent all the financial stocks higher at approximately 2:25 and with them, the market.

I hate to be a dick about it, but the volume was pretty lame for such an event. Actually, I take that back (sort of). The volume really sucked early and at the end of the day we probably finished about average. So, volume moved into the market after 2:25.

Meanwhile, one of these days, Dylan Ratigan is going to trip as he walks towards the camera and it will be pretty damn funny.

We traded just under 1.5 billion shares on the NYSE today and the VIX dropped another point, to 23.09.

The VO had a mixed day. Hopefully, with the eco-data out this week, we get some good movement and follow through.


tapeworm said...

nice job!

Danny said...

three comments in one day? don't worry DT, I'm leaving, but nice day you had today.

Retard Trader said...

Let's see how Move the Markets enjoys retard love.

Retard Trader said...
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HPT said...

Glad to see you back evo

Move the Markets said...

I'm glad to see Evo's back too ;-)

Ragin' Cajun said...

DT wins again, looks like your short pick in SWC will do you well tomorrow.

Edwin said...

Thanks guys, just needed a little mental tune up.