Monday, February 25, 2008

Misstrade Axed From VO

As many of you who follow along here know, Misstrade has been the reigning champ in the VO for the last 10 months or so, taking no prisoners. I mean, the dude has had like 5 losing days or something ridiculous like that.

I am now letting him go. No doubt he will find a bigger and better VO somewhere populated with other robot traders who will give him a better run for his money.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is him playing air hockey in the VO "lounge" just before he received the news. I wish him continued success.

Robot Playing Air Hockey - Watch more free videos


JJ said...

Good decision. The guy was a bit shady. Advertising a chat room and had no problems posting his profits for the VO but for some reason stopped posting his chat room results in public, perhaps because it was actually verifiable? It's hard to believe someone that does that.

ainkurn said...

good thing robots don't have emotions, or he would be devastated.

tapeworm said...

who trusts a tranny trader anyway...guys were flirting with him/her in wall streak, and it took a while before he finally admitted to being a man..very shady character IMO

MIsstrade said...

That's right I resigned. Dino can say he fired me as that's part of his schtick. Party on. More time for misstrade to concentrate on making money. Leaving the VO for greener pastures. It was fun folks, but we don't have too much time for idle chat during trading days so meet us over at

We will still be posting daily thoughts.

Anything-Goes said...

lol, man DT fires/hires for no reason.. makes me want to stay far far away from the VO..

tapeworm said...

AG: you've been posting up some big numbers...u should take over the top spot, now that its open

Dinosaur Trader said...


Good thing you haven't been asked to join then!

Anyway, that avatar is enough to get you fired.