Monday, February 25, 2008

Art Cashin's Comments, Feb. 25th 2008

Art, what's going to break us out of this range?

Firm up that Ambak deal quick or the rumor mongers will be out saying that it's going to fall through. Also, we have lots of data this week and Bernanke will be speaking in front of Congress.
If our elected officials will stop hamming for the camera, perhaps they can take him through the FOMC minutes.

Comments on the Visa IPO? Is it a good sign?

The interesting thing is that it's going to eat up a lot of sideline cash, and that's going to lock things up. Also, keep an eye on Greenspan's comments this morning... he's talking about zero growth in the US.


Rob said...

You will seriously have to explain how you can tape read a stock like AAPL whose quotes change a billion times a minute.

I setup an excel spreadsheet with all the info that i need and have some VBA formulas setup such that i do not need to "read" every tick but i can watch the money etc...

Dinosaur Trader said...

Oh, so in other words, you're a robot.

What the hell is a VBA formula?


Rob said...

VBA = Visual Basic (programming language) can setup macros in excel and tie them to a dde feed from your trading software and shitz...its filthy mcnasty