Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Virtual Office, $456. Dow, -131.24, 12,029.06.

Timmay!, $631 on 10,500 shares traded.
$9 on 2600 shares traded.
Me, -$27 on 4400 shares traded.
Tokyo, -$61 on 3216 shares traded.
Denarii, -$96 on 3200 shares traded.

A sleeper for the VO.

Not so much for the market however... we tested 12,000 and bounced nicely, only to retrace much of that bounce into the close. Volume was mediocre, but better than yesterday, which admittedly, isn't saying too much.

After I made the mistake of letting our wonderful president raise my blood pressure by watching CNBC (always a mistake), I spent the day getting through the mass of material for my 55 exam on Saturday. Now I just memorize the practice exams for the next 2 days. Fun.

In other words, I don't have much color on today's trade. However, apparently you can shave coal down and make crack and cure cancer with it all at once... Will these stocks ever take a breath?

More bad music, forthcoming. And perhaps some hot guest blogging.

UPDATE: Just got my office numbers... about 2/3 of traders were positive. The range was $7150 to -$799. On a whole, the office did very well.


JakeGint said...

Awright, where's Fly? I don't want to stick around too long, I can feel myself "catching communism."

Now, where's my patchouli crystals...

Shit! See!

JakeGint said...

What problem have you with drilling, btw?

You a big fan of caribou, or something?

Dinosaur Trader said...

I can tell you're getting more hopeful already, Jake. :)


Dinosaur Trader said...


With drilling? Less about the environment and more about the country heading in the wrong direction.

It would take years for any of that drilling to really come online... why bother? It won't do anything to bring down prices now... I'd rather us spend the time and money on investing in new technologies.


JakeGint said...

Why do libs always use the "it will take years" line? You do realize that you've been using it for the past 30 years, yes?

That's a lot of years. Guess what? We're not going to go "off" oil cold turkey. It's as integral to our economy as oxygen to our systems. Just because libs are wishing a carbon free earth doesn't mean your going to get one. And what do you get INSTEAD, as a consequence of your pandering to the envirowhackies?

A WORSE environment everywhere else, where the rules and regulations guiding drilling (even in our own beloved Gulf of Mexico) are NOT guided by US standards, but more likely by some fucktard 3rd world nation who couldn't give a whig.

The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes the libs again. You'd think they'd be sick of these concussions.

And you think McCain flip flopping on his prior stupidity about drilling will hurt him? Do you check polls, or are you the Boy in the Libtard bubble?

Dinosaur Trader said...

Fuck you.

I heard one of your morons on CNBC today complaining that "it would take years" to bring new technologies online and so we should keep drilling...

"Libs" haven't cornered the market on stupidity. We can just envision a better world.


JakeGint said...

You'd rather spend the time and the money looking for alternate technologies, huh?** Whatta guy! And what are the poor and the gas dependent supposed to do while you hold back supply? Eat cake?

Madame Pelosi, the Marie Antoinette of the Internet Age.


** And WTF do you think people are doing in the private sector with oil at $135 a bbl? NOT looking for alternate energy sources? It's the next Bill Gates-type wealth for whomever figures it out... you think the GOV'T will do a better job of it than the unregulated incentivezed market?

That's how we got these fucktarded ethanol subsidies that will be starving a populace near you by next quarter.

Good job, Congress! Please, let's leave energy policy up to you....

Dinosaur Trader said...

Holy shit, Jake.

Your people wrote the energy policy that got us here in the first place.

Had we spent the money on those alternate technologies the last time we had an oil crisis, we wouldn't have this trouble now... if you want a free market to take care of it, how about getting rid of those oil and gas subsidies for Big Oil?


JakeGint said...

Dimwit, the difference is, our fucktards realize that we don't have to ARTIFICIALLY restrict supply (unless your only aim was to keep the Sierra Club money flowing that is) in order to get the same benefits of technology innovation.

You think Congress hurting poor people is the answer to your lack of technological development?

Obama's a great speaker, but I don't even think he can talk his way around THAT much utter bullshit.

Dinosaur Trader said...

And listen... I don't hear people driving Priuses complaining about high gasoline... it's you people in the SUVs.

Poor working people my ass. The writing has been on the wall for years. Blame the US automakers for marketing the SUV ad nauseum since it was more profitable!

The free market failed there, eh?

Anyway, I'll be back later. I have one more chapter to get though...


JakeGint said...

What in fucks name are you talking about "you people wrote the energy policy that got us here...?"

Do you know how fucking stupid that sounds? To think that Congress can dictate the flow of commodity prices in an increasingly energy hungry world?

You really have bought into the "gov't can control markets" bullshit hook line and sinker, haven't you?

Did you take any econ in college at all, for christmas sakes?

All gov't can do is screw markets up -- it's like the laws of physics, you cannot get something without giving something up. In this particular example, Nan & Friends are getting contributions from the ecogreens, while giving up economic security for the people they purport (ha!) to protect... the non-rich.

Why am I not shocked by any of this? The poor cannot make contributions, after all....

Broker A said...

Fuck the planet.

Long live oil.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Look, I agree. Keep government out of it, that's not what we're talking about here. I'd like to see oil go to $200 a barrel if that's what the market dictates, because it means I'll win.

Stop trying to bring the price of oil down with more oil... it's not going to happen. Especially oil that won't be flooding the market tomorrow.

If you want the price of oil to go down, you need to decrease demand. The only way that's happening is if the price of oil goes much higher, or new technologies are given the chance to flourish... not by drilling more oil and making driving SUVs cheap.


JakeGint said...

I don't give a fuck about the price of gas, I'm rich, and getting richer thanks to my carbon investments you are jacking. It's the freaking POOR that are getting screwed.

Remember the poor? Those guys you commies purport to assist, at least in election season?

JakeGint said...

You're completely wrong. It's the stance of Marie Antoinette Pelosi and King Harry Reid that is keeping the price artificially high. You drop restrictions and you'll see the price of oil drop by $25, easy.

They'll be more supply coming on line as technology develops and the price will drop farther from that, and from reduced demand here.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I can only conclude that you're incredibly high.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are responsible for the high price of gasoline?


Dude, just check that pie chart I linked earlier. We're using too much oil in this here country... demand is what is driving the price of oil.

And you like to pretend you know something about economics.


JakeGint said...

Another retarded statement:

"We're using too much oil in this here (sic) country."

Who the fuck are you? The oil commisar? I assure you we only USE as much oil as we need at a given price point. That's called FREE market economics. You know, with the word, FREE?

What's not free is the gov't ARTIFICIALLY limiting supply which helps keep the price of oil aloft, much to the delight of the Saudis and your friends down in Venezuela.

Drill til it's not economically viable to drill anymore. With our outstanding extraction technology and tight regulatory standards, you are not going to get any cleaner. Without that, you'll have Malaysians and Brasilians destroying rain forests in order to bank more coin off our stupidity.

Or, the Dems stupidity, I should say.