Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keep Drilling... Idiots

George Bush: "We've raised fuel efficiency standards to ambitious new levels."

Har... Har... Har... LIAR.

Here's the truth about CAFE standards... we're worse off now than we were in 1987. Largely because of your beloved SUVs.

"The US fleet average peaked in 1987 at 26.2 mpg. In 2003 (latest data available), the average new vehicle (fleet) mpg was 25.0. Why? The proliferation of inefficient SUVs and the increase, as a market share, of light trucks. "
So go ahead and announce that you want to lift the ban on off shore drilling. It will make it that much easier to beat McCain in November. You don't like the high price of oil? Perhaps you should have thought of that when you bought that SUV. The cumulative effect of all you idiots buying those hulking monsters has added to the wild demand that has caused gasoline prices to skyrocket.

It's not just demand out of China and India, as some news stations would have you believe.

The US uses twice the oil of China and India, COMBINED. Fact. Check out this nice pie chart... And you, who I imagine espouses the merits of personal responsibility... you don't think your SUV plays a role there?

Anyway, speaking of McCain, this is just the beginning of his problems... see below.

16 billion barrels off shore. Total. Not going to get it all out in one day to increase supply immediately. Not going to do a damn thing to ease prices. This is simply a short term political mistake.

What will ease prices? Demand destruction... brought on by EVEN HIGHER PRICES.

Keep focusing on drilling more. You'll pay at the polls. The winner in November will be looking towards the future of our energy policy and needs. Not the past.

We've put men on the moon. We built "the bomb." We can figure out a better energy solution and lead the world again.

Either that, or we're doomed to be led.

Okay, back to studying...


JakeGint said...

Hold on... you have to "study" for your Series 7 exam?? The one every retard broker in America has passed?

Hmmm... things are becoming clearer, here.

Perhaps I'm being too hard on you for your communism . It was designed to dupe simpletons, after all...

Dinosaur Trader said...

Series 55, blowhard.

There's nothing obvious about arcane Nasdaq rules... if for some reason you have that shit memorized, it explains a little about you as well.


JakeGint said...

I didn't have to memorize squat. The test is for morons. What is it you don't understand about that?

People with intellectual capacity to spare don't have to study for tests designed to be taken -- and passed -- by community college grads.

JakeGint said...
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Dinosaur Trader said...
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Bluedog said...

That McCain flip flop was pretty classic. I do support expansion of nuclear energy, though. McCain has that right.