Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"The Fly" is Here

Finding myself back on a shitbox blogspot address is awfully humbling. My "Godly" site, has been deballed, thanks to the ineptitude of "Vincenzo the IT guy."

It all started when my IT guy, Vincenzo, took a nap inside of iBC's cold room---where our servers are stored. Unfortunately, he left a giant bowl of spaghetti and meatballs (with extra gravy) on top of one of our equipment racks, with an open bottle of "vino" next to it. Next thing you know, I stormed into his fucking office, via kicking down his door. Startled, he woke up from his afternoon siesta, scared shitless, and bumped his head into one of our racks: knocking over the "vino," spaghetti and meatballs with sauce all over our high tech stuff---effectively destroying our website, indefinitely.

To make matters worse, he proceeded to clean up his fuckery with a rag, soaked in extra virgin olive oil. I began screaming at him, with the furious fury of a mountain lion inside a gay bar. As a result, he fell on the floor (again) and knocked over an oversized barrel of balsamic vinegar, resulting in immediate power loss at iBC's HQ.

Fucking absurd.

In short, iBC will not be up and running for awhile. Stay tuned.

In other news,"The Fly" made ridiculous coin today, via short sales in CATY, EWBC, PACW,CSE, FED and BBT. In addition,some of my long positions, which include FTK, RIG and PCZ, bucked the downtrend, yet again---enabling Senor Tropicana to close the day higher by 1.9%.

My theme is simple and concise: get long energy and short everything else.

Fuck the banks and the assholes who buy them. Which reminds me, Doug Kass aka "Fucktarded short only hedge fund manager who is long bank stocks," is dead wrong and will lose his entire book of clients, if he is not careful here.

To sum up this post, DT is unbelievably lucky to have "The Fly" grace his 3rd tier blog with such succinct rantings. Upon seeing my site down, immediately, DT emailed and begged me to guest blog. He even donated $100 to my favorite charity: "The Tent for House program," located in Southern California.

Be well.



Dinosaur Trader said...

Jesus... all lies. If I have to, I'll publish your emails begging me to let you blog here.

Look, when you go, be sure to take Jakey with you, okay?

Oh, and no cursing. And turn the light out when you leave... this blog is all about conserving energy.


Broker A said...

No cursing?

Fuck you, if I may be so bold.

JakeGint said...

LOL... I like that you still have the old Broker A moniker for this site.

It's like the olde days with the crappy (but reliable!) blogger tech.


I was just thinking... Ragin must be going CRAZY. Is Madstocks still around?

Dinosaur Trader said...

BTW, since I lost money today, I'll let you post a crappy music video. Just use the label "bad music" please.


Broker A said...

No. Your site does not deserve music.

Danny said...

DT maybe you should stop daytrading and start regular trading.

Jake - I talked to rage and he is surviving. Apparently he got TTES intraday, and still hates PCLN though he is out of the trade.

I am down about $400 on PCLN, but did toptick an intraday short at 131.10.

I am real close to getting stopped out however.

DGLY is still above supoprt, god blessit.

Final note: The iBC Machine is godly.

Final note II: BTU and short FMCN

nullpointer said...


who is 3rd tier now?

oh, how the mighty have fallen.

JakeGint said...

You can bet THESE fuckers aren't worried about the price of gas, either.

Read that one, Fly.

JakeGint said...

Anyone else do 27.5% today?

Of course, that was just the short. The puts did (a fuckavalot) better.

Dinosaur Trader said...


While it's true this blog is third tier, it's proudly third tier, which makes a difference.

There are many third tier bloggers out there who don't even KNOW they're third tier. Therein lies the problem.

So "the Fly" has nothing to be ashamed about... other than the company he keeps (Jake).


Ragin' Cajun said...

looks like I may have to fire up the old site.

JakeGint said...

Commie Reptile, you should just be happy that the relative IQ of this benighted berg has shot up exponentially.

They'll be plenty of time for you to spout long discounted muddle-headed socialist ideas when we're gone. For now, sit back and try to "catch" some "smart."

Option Addict said...

The only "ungayness" about all of this is seeing "Broker A" once again.

Truly classic.

TraderCaddy said...

I thought Broker A passed away and was buried in the endzone at the Meadowlands.

nullpointer said...

nah, DT, wasnt meant as a slight against you, not at all

the fact that fly cant keep his shit up and running means HIS shit is 3rd tier

i would never kick him (fly) while he is losing $$, cuz thats fucked up...but this shit is fair game.

fly dishes it 24x7, now its time for him to "take it"

what the fuck fly, my sister in junior high school manages to keep a website running...whats the problem partner?

bocagirl said...

Thanks to DT, you're a gracious host. You can be my next-door neighbor any old time, and I don't say that lightly.

Fly, all's well now that I was able to read your market summary tonight. Things just wouldn't feel right without it.

Two thoughts for tonight:

1. Death to PCLN.

2. You want I should have my uncle's fren' have a little talk with Vinny?

cuervo said...

Well that figures.

First time I'm consistently on track to become 'El Rey de los Peanuts' and the whole site goes non linear.

BOOMER said...

Broker - ditch the wordpress site and create a domain-masked Ning site. Or not.