Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Virtual Office Cemetary

Take a quick look at my "blogroll" and you'll notice a minor change.

I have moved the names of those bloggers who were once in the VO (and failed miserably) into a new "lower" section of my sidebar titled simply, "The Virtual Office Cemetary."

I figured that this makes it easier to take a quick glance and know which bloggers can't handle the heat and are washed up as traders.

In rare instances, as with the NYSE Scalper, the VO may drive one from blogging altogether.

In time I imagine that "the Cemetary" will grow. It will get "heavier" so to speak, like the dregs in a coffee cup, while the cream will rise to the top.

NOTE: Only one day left to vote in my new poll, "Is Daytrading Gambling?" Please register your opinion while perusing the sidebar. Thanks.

1 comment:

Bluedog said...

LOL. I love the cemetary idea! You have a good start to it already!