Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How To Handle A Kitchen Fire

I know, I know... but listen, it's a slow day and with the holidays upon us you may have a fire in your kitchen. Consider this a P.S.A...

Fire In Kitchen - Watch more funny videos here

Incidentally, there's a message here for stock traders. If you have a "fire in your kitchen" (i.e. you're getting smoked) the best thing to do is not panic. There... now it's relevant.

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Kelli said...


I would like to recommend the StoveTop FireStop to prevent kitchen fires.

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StoveTop FireStop has a five year shelf life, deploys in seconds and reacts automatically, and never has to be inspected or repaired. Please check out the website at www.stovetopfirestop.com.

Thank you!

Kelli Edwards