Monday, December 3, 2007

Your Blog's "Reading Level"

For you bloggers, here's an interesting link that was provided to me by "Reese" over at Chasing Charts.

Just type in your blog address and it will tell you what reading level is required to understand your blog.

Meanwhile, check over at "the Fly's" new blog for my inaugural post on "Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians."

NOTE: Originally published 11/27/07. "Bumped" because it came back into play.

UPDATE: TG, I don't know what you're talking about... :)


artha said...

Very interesting indeed! I'm sure you've checked a few already but here are the levels of the ones I read regularly:

DT - College (Undergrad)
Woodshedder's - College (Postgrad)
Kirk Report - Genius
Trader Bub's - Elementary School
The Fly's - Elemntary School

I wonder how they assign the levels?

Dinosaur Trader said...


Clearly, there's a mistake.

Woodshedder is from the South. Therefore, his blog is definitely a few rungs down the intelligence scale from mine.


artha said...


I think they measure the profanity level of the blogs. Perhaps Woodshedder is a true southern gentleman?

mOOm said...

My blog was rated "Junior High School". I'm pretty skeptical about those rankings!

Dinosaur Trader said...


Yeah, I'd love to know how they figure it out.

I wouldn't lose any sleep over it though. Damn elitists just trying to keep us bloggers down.


tapeworm said...

DT: the rocket scientests at MtM came in at an elementary level...prolly because of the token tard - aka BAT

Trading Goddess said...


Mine is "Genius" level.

Which is strange, considering 99.9% of my blog is all pics.


Trading Goddess said...

ooooooooh! I get it now! If I take out my posts, I get a Genius rating due to all of the other contributors! aha!


Dinosaur Trader said...


Wow, Genius! No, it makes sense though.

Starting a stock blog and sprinkling hot pictures of women in it is a pretty genius idea. In fact, you should maybe start an investment firm with this idea... kind of like the Hooters of Wall Street.


Trading Goddess said...

And my newsletter will arrive in a non-embarassing brown envelope.


Dinosaur Trader said...

Perfect! I think we're onto something here!


Danny said...

accurate as fuck, Im a genius

Trading Goddess said...


Maybe if the title of this post didn't end in a preposition, you might have scored higher. lol!

But seriously, a person doesn't really want a blog to be at genius level, do they? I mean, that is a niche... there are not that many geniuses out there. The average Joe - there are a gazillion out there! I am going to dumb my blog down, to attract more readers. Yes! Now I think I am truly on to something!

Dinosaur Trader said...


It was the FUPA post.

Meanwhile, I'm "high school" now...

Given your theory, TG, my blog's stats should start to soar.


ejw060412 said...

Also Danny if you look at ur posts at it says ur in junior high

Danny said...

it was the fupa post, I will give you that

Trading Goddess said...

As long as Danny is over 18 - that is the important thing.