Monday, October 22, 2007

Paper Or Plastic? Canvas.

In the beginning the dude talks about Barack Obama. He makes a great point. However, what I find interesting about this video is the whole portion on plastic and the floating waste dump in the pacific that is TWICE THE SIZE OF TEXAS!

Disgusting. Everyday I go down to the beach and pick up ballons, the tops of 2-liter soda bottles, coffee cup lids... all plastic. As he mentions in the video, nothing can be done about the stuff that's already in the ocean. The only thing that we can do is USE LESS PLASTIC. Please heed his advice. There really is no political argument here... you may label him a liberal or whatever but that's not the point of me posting this.

The environment isn't a political issue, it's a human issue. So keep an open mind.


Denarii said...

or if we use plastic - recycle it - I would guess I recycle about 80 percent that I use

Dinosaur Trader said...

Naturally. It's sometimes hard to avoid. So, if you must use it, recycle it... still, if you have any other option, choose it because even recycled plastic will never biodegrade.


Bluedog said...

That's pretty disgusting how a vortex of garbage 2x the size of TX is swirling around the ocean. We can do better.

I see floating plastic in the ocean nearly every time I surf. That can't be good. Why don't they just mandate biodegradable plastic?


Dinosaur Trader said...


One more thing... according to the EPA only 6% of all plastic was recycled in 2005. That's why so much is ending up in the ocean. That's also why regulation is totally and completely necessary. People and especially businesses, left on their own, will not always act in the right way.

I agree with you BD, this stuff should be illegal. There are better ways to package and contain products. They may be more expensive now, but if they were widely used, the cost would go down. Also, the future costs of the mess we're making are going to be insurmountable.

As the guy said, every time you eat fish, you eat plastic now... that's disgusting. It's just the wrong thing to do to future generations.


artha said...


Is that you in the video? I think I saw PLASTIC Crox on that guy's feet.

Our local supermarket is selling reusable canvas grocery bags. I've been debating whether to get them and after viewing this video I'm gonna do it.

I came across this article about the high chemical toxicity found in children's bodies:

Speaking of plastics, not only is it an environmental nightmare, the plastic containers/products are poisoning us:

"Another class of chemicals that showed up in high levels in the Holland children is known as phthalates. These are plasticizers, the softening agents found in many plastic bottles, kitchenware, toys, medical devices, personal care products and cosmetics. In lab animals, phthalates have been associated with reproductive defects, obesity and early puberty. But like PBDEs, little is known about what they do to humans and specifically children."

Dinosaur Trader said...


Wow, that's disturbing...

Then you have the whole "teflon" thing too. That stuff is in like 70% of people...

Basically, the thing is to use less plastic. I've created a new label now "plastic" and I'll try to post some "anti-plastic" strategies there.