Monday, October 22, 2007

Over The Weekend, Maria Didn't Get Any Smarter.

Maria Bartiromo: (with a real sense of urgency in her voice...)"Dylan, looks what's crossing the wires right now (3:40)... we have some imbalances... we'll tell you all about them when we come back."

Again. Will someone please explain to Mrs. Bartiromo that everyday there are (gasp!) imbalances that cross the wires at 3:40 and that they're not newsworthy unless you want to overuse the word "imbalance" to throw the newbies off.

UPDATE: Art Cashin diplomatically explained that the MOC imbalances really had nothing to do with the end of the day move. Instead, he said the market rallied simply because the bears couldn't take it any lower. AC is one of the only worthwhile commentators on CNBC.

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