Monday, October 22, 2007

FLASH: Big Virtual Office News

It involves Bubs... and Clarence, "the rodent of stock market volatility." They have disappeared together.

More later...

UPDATE: I found a letter from Bubs. It looks like he is leaving the VO. He is moving with Clarence to "Appalachia" where their "way of life" will not be "placed under a microscope."

Folks, this is as shocking to me as it must be for you... frankly, I'm a little speechless.

Phone ringing... it's
Dehtrader. I'll be back shortly.

UPDATE II: Dehtrader is back in the VO. He said after hearing about Bubs and Clarence that he "had to do something."

Also, Clarence "the rodent of stock market volatility" has been fired as he failed to produce the necessary volatility this morning. I will find a new mascot for market volatility. Please submit your ideas via the comment section.


KC Equity Trader said...

If you watch this video the whole way through, their is no way you cannot say you didn't like it.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Incidentally, stuff like what happens in that video, happens to me all the time.

I'm just lucky like that.


Bubs said...

I'm going to let Clarence and the squirrel outside my window battle it out, currently the odds are 2:1 favoring Clarence

(still to lazy to learn how to link on this thing)