Thursday, November 13, 2008

This One Makes Me Proud...

Oh, and look who's all the way down there at #5. Sorry Danny, DT Wins Again!

NOTE: This blog looks interesting... dedicated to CNBC sucking. My friend, please, you are not alone in your hatred of CNBC and your love of Barry Obama. We are kindred spirits. However, my blog kicks your blog's ass whenever anyone searches for "Dennis Kneale Is An Idiot."


BUY ON THE DIP said...

this is great. we love google fun!

ever search for "have you seen my ass"

TMZ just beat us out. fuck.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Nice! You should work on trying to become #1 for the phrase, "have you seen Dennis Kneale's ass?"


bloggerdotcom said...

I know this is off topic, but can this Friedman guy shut up? How long is he going to be on the show? Did he pay for the exposure?