Thursday, November 13, 2008

T. Boone On The Daily Show

More about energy independence. Kudos to the Daily Show for hammering on this issue.

How about reducing our dependence on foreign oil by 30-50% in 10 years? Impossible?

T. Boone points out what we've been lacking... LEADERSHIP!


mOOm said...

Agree - as we discussed this is a possible goal but needs leadership to do it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because government-driven centralized planning is really, really effective.

Ever notice that T. Boone's plan lacks any details beyond "substitute this energy source for that energy source" and "use this fuel to replace that one"?

Oh and, "please spend a trillion taxpayer dollars so I can make billions of dollars off all the property and water rights I purchased."

Surely someone in the enviro community has a plan that can actually be implemented, i.e. how the infrastructure will be built and who pays for it; how millions of cars will be converted to natural gas and who will pay for it.

Perhaps your enviro friends have done marketing studies to determine consumer acceptance of natural gas powered cars.

And surely the enviro community has done a comprehensive analysis on the appropriateness of using the cleanest and hottest burning fuel on Earth for something as mundane as internal combustion, as opposed to industrial and chemical uses that actually produce value-added products and economic wealth.

No? Huh, guess there isn't any leadership out there at all.


GodLess said...

I like the fact that his plan keeps money and jobs is the US economy that would otherwise be headed overseas. We need the Pickens plan, more US oil drilling, and develop alternative green feuls for the future.

Dinosaur Trader said...


I like the "emotion" that's already creeping into your comments... and here were are on November 13th, just days past the election.

I mean, I can only imagine how you'll feel by 2016. Probably much how I felt for the last few years. Or maybe, you'll be happier, since the country will be in a much better spot by then.