Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dennis Kneale Is An Idiot Dick!

I haven't watched CNBC for months and months. I just remembered why...

-Dennis Fucking Kneale

Obama just spoke on the economy again. He's going to hold a press conference each day THIS WEEK. He does this because it shows leadership... it gives people confidence. Someone is steering this fucked-up ship afterall.

(FYI, Bush held 17 his ENTIRE first term! A term that, never forget, included 9/11.)

Anyway, so immediately after the "presser" Dennis Kneale gets the first comment, "What happened to the great orator?" he whined. "He sounded like a boring technician up there."

It's a fucking PRESS CONFERENCE you fucking idiot! You wanted the "Yes We Can" speech again, during a press conference on the fucking economy that only months ago you were saying was in good shape? The same economy that you argued was being "talked into recession?"

You are irrelevant Mr. Kneale. Looking forward to seeing you hit the unemployment line sometime in 2009. Oh, and you're a dick.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jamie said...

LOL, Maybe we'll get lucky and his contract won't be renewed. Have you noticed that he keeps getting bumped around from show to show? First he started on the morning show, then they moved him to Krudlow's show, and now he's on the lunch show. None of his CNBC colleagues can tolerate him. I think NBC should bump him over to "The Office", where he has a better chance of fitting in.

Bluedog said...

Great commentary, DT! Happy T-day!

Complacent Panda said...

I agree. He's a big jerk-off.

Soulfire said...

I think he was hired to be the shows "contrarian"- taking the opposite opinion of everyone else.

What he says is just too ludicrous to be rational/real.

I recall one time earlier this year when housing construction was shown to be falling off a cliff his response was that it could be seen as good news since that indicates we wouldn't be adding to the housing supply. Steve Leisman gave him a strange look and basically said "I don't think so!"

Danny said...

eh, my original rant was much funnier