Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Couple Of Trades, Some Squiggly Lines

Like I said in an earlier post today, I miss speaking directly to you, cherished reader, about the actual trades I've been making. Largely, I've been pressed for time, as I haven't had any time intraday, to work on posts since the market has been on crack.

However, after my nasty loss yesterday, I find myself up a little this morning, and not looking to press my luck, I'll discuss a trade or two that I made, and also talk about some squiggly lines that I find helpful of late.

I didn't have any strong feel about direction today, after yesterday's extremely fucked up close, so I decided to simply watch my most up and most down filters, and just take the opposite sides of extreme moves with small share size. I used small size because I assumed I'd go out of the money a bit before the stocks turned in my direction.

My best short of the day, came in WLL.

My best long, was in WFR. However, I really screwed this one up a bit...

I liked this strategy today, because I didn't have a feel for the market move. I kept my size small so I wouldn't get "tilty." I had no idea why the stocks were making the moves they were making... it wasn't really important. It's more like playing a mechanical move... things can't go up or down at that pace forever, so start small and just look for a counter move to take back your shares.

Now, about the squiggly lines... a few months ago you may recall that I was trading the HCPG way. This is breakout trading, mostly, as you're looking at a specific level and hoping the stock trades it and never looks back. This market hasn't really been rewarding classic breakout trading.

Anyway, a few months ago, "Trader B" told me to watch the Bollinger Bands "to get good prices, yo." This has helped me immensely because I have taken to a recent strategy of scaling into positions instead of buying a chunk at a certain level. I think, though maybe it's just because the market has been working this way recently, that this strategy makes far more sense in a Hybrid environment.

I will delve into that idea deeper in a later post. It deserves more attention from me since this blog originally began due to my consternation with the Hybrid system.

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