Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blog Maintenance

Wow, time flies when you maintain a blog.

I spent two hours of my life last night cleaning up my bloated sidebar. That's a bit awful.

Anyway, I removed all the individual stock symbol labels. I don't think anyone was clicking on them, and it really lengthened that label list. Then, I merged the following categories:

-"interesting words" into "vocabulary"
-"weekend walk" into "weekend reading"
-"wallstrip" into "stock market blogs"
-"ape assholes" into "ape anatomy"
-"book quotes" into "books"
-"stock earnings" into "stock earnings season"
-"stock research" into "stock trading ideas"

I've also added a few blogs to my blogroll. First of all, while browsing Jamie's blog, I noticed that Trader X is back in the game. So I changed my link from his old charts to his now updated blog. Jamie also had a link to The Zen Trader. I've never read it before, but I will now, if only to see what happens when the dude blows up. I mean, I really want to know how the "Zen people" handle losing all their money. Or, as an experiment, I may just go there everyday and leave obnoxious comments, to see how "Zen people" handle assholes.

I also added the "classics," The Big Picture, The Daily Options Report, and Afraid To Trade.

(Brief aside: If any of you recently blogrolled bloggers are reading this post due to a massive surge in traffic, feel free to return the favor. Actually, feel obligated to return the favor. More to the point, should you fail to return the favor, you will be de-blogrolled in less than a week.)

Finally, looking back on some of my old posts, I realized I kind of miss writing the "daily trading statistics" posts, so I'll try and do more of that again.

I'm open to suggestions and always searching for interesting blogs to add to my blogroll.

Thanks, as always, for reading.


Pete said...

how about revealing some of the methods behind the iron curtain - ie. some various styles traded in the room. reading about pnl totals end of day is entertaining and all plus getting a daily dose of democratic propaganda riveting but blog needs some more.

Dinosaur Trader said...


The Democratic "propaganda" should be enough, really...

As for revealing some of the "secrets," I will be sharing more trades again, as I mentioned. Whether or not you will be able to profit from these posts, is highly questionable.

But hey, while we're into sharing, how about you give me something? How'd you do in yesterday's close? Give it up, Petey.


Pete said...

i was flat luckily going into the crap out- trend trade stocks and counter-trade index etf's- started buyin spys around 93.5 and dangerously avg'n down a few times and flipped them out afterhours for small profit. good enough?

Dinosaur Trader said...

Throw up some graphs, open your heart up a bit, and start exposing some of the players in your office and we'll be good.

You have them all reading this blog religiously, right?

Anyway, today is much slower than yesterday. I would be surprised if the close is anything similar.


TraderAm said...

Hello DT.

I read your blog with interest most days. Nice style of writing.

Pop over to mine when you have some rush, it's not as good as yours :-)

Dinosaur Trader said...


Thanks for reading. I checked your place out. It's solidly third-tier (as is mine) so no reason to be modest. Everyone knows that third-tier stock market blogs is where it's at.

I like what you do with the Fib extension stuff, which I'd like to learn more about.


hayfro said...

Yo DT...

I'll gladly return the blogroll favor to avoid being de-bloggrolled. But I only added you because you like Neutral Milk Hotel and a few other obsure bands that I enjoy.
Anyhow, it's late and I'll check out your blog more thoroughly tomorrow but I wanted to say that if I haven't lost all my money from the tech crash and this crash, I think I'm going to be Ok....

Take care and best of luck in this crazy schitzo market. And thanks for adding me.

ZT (jeff)

Dinosaur Trader said...


Your writing has an odd, "zen-like" quality to it that I don't quite understand.

As for being "okay" I disagree, we're all on the verge of disaster at any moment.


FX said...

Now when you are first tier blog, you should provide some permanent link love to third tier, 4th.. blogs that spread your word.
I know that you like to focus on stock blogs, but you must find a way to squeeze in some alternative blogroll for others that like you, link you even when you don't read them.

Remember, now you are first tier, be Robin Hood now.

On other subject, it would be cool to show cumulative p&l for each RO member this month, for remembering for years from now, who knows when will stuff like this come again.

Scott said...

You may find my blog of interest.