Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain Will Debate!

YAY! Now all we need is for Sarah Palin to speak with the "icky, non-deferential" media and they'll almost be a real ticket!

-John McCain, circa 256 B.C

-Sarah Palin, 9/26/2008

NOTE: I will have a debate open thread up this evening. The debate starts at 9pm. Please drop by and let everyone know why "your guy" is better than "the idiot."

FUNNY LINK: Chris Rock on Larry King.


5holeSAVE said...

I've got it!!!!
Sarah, you've missed your calling you little chilly JUGGY you...
Here is your best highest use:

5holeSAVE said...

Goddallmighty DT, you're close to turning an assman into a titman...