Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Duncan Neiderauer On Short Sale Ban

"It's very likely that it will be pushed out a few weeks [past the current Oct. 2nd deadline] until we have a marketwide solution on how we should trade all stocks."

That sounds very bad from a trading perspective. They will extend the short-ban. Sigh.

I'll put up a link to the interview when it becomes available.

Here it is.


Janet said...

I am a producer for Australian television and we are looking to interview a trader given all that has been happening on Wall Street. Anyone have a good story? Someone willing to talk to us.
Please send me an email.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Can you leave your email address please? Your profile doesn't show one.



Janet said...

Sorry i thought my email address would be part of the

Again I am a producer with Australian television and we would like to interview a trader, perhaps even two (is someone getting out of the business, been forced to leave), about what is happening on Wall Street. Please contact me.