Monday, June 9, 2008

Varying Impact Of High Gas Prices

Here's a very interesting graphic about how the "high" cost of gasoline is effecting the different parts of the country.

As for everything else, we were away all weekend and I have some catching up to do... my daughter has STARI (not Lyme) and we're treating her but she is getting better. In fact, she's no longer showing any symptoms, which is wonderful. Thanks for all the email with well wishes.

And look, if you're heading out into "tick country" this summer with the kids and they get a tick bite, BE SURE to save the tick (remove it and put it in some alcohol... oh, and just remove it with tweezers, no burning its ass with a match or drowning it in Vaseline) and send it here for analysis. It's easy and will make any diagnosis of the disease it carries (if any) easier.

I'll work on a post later today or this evening.

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