Monday, June 9, 2008

Virtual Office, $334. Dow, +70.51, 12280.32.

Me, $275 on 4800 shares traded.
$50 on 11,200 shares traded.
$9 on 3449 shares traded.

For a June Monday, the market yielded some nice action.

The ag stocks continued their meteoric run, then "shit the shower," gave back most of their gains and then made them back again in the last 30 minutes... AAPL unveiled a new product, oil dropped nearly $3 in just a few minutes and then bounced $2... the list goes on... LEH... coal... you name it.

There's crazy shit going on...

This market loves to confuse. I find it interesting that as we enter into the summer doldrums, when volume typically quiets down, that volume is actually starting to increase. We traded over 1.3 billion shares today. Nice. I'll take it. That said, 165 million of that was in LEH.

Could we expect another interesting summer of trading? One can hope.

Anyway, the VO had a rather quiet day and my real office was about 60% positive. Speaking of the VO, let me take this opportunity to once again thank Tokyo Trader for doing such a fine job hosting it last week.

Stay tuned for a potentially big development concerning this here blog to drop later in the week.

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tapeworm said...

were there mass layoffs?!?