Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weekend Blogger

In a clear sign of the ascendency of this blog, we have a weekend blogger all lined up.

I repeat, we have a weekend blogger.

It's not "the Fly." Though, he still has an open invitation...

Weekend Blogger, Bloggerdotcom

It's our old friend, Bloggerdotcom. He will be posting a couple of company profiles. For those who remember his last posts, I'm sure it will be fun.

He will also be posting nude photos of his fiancee.


The Lonely Trader said...

OMEX currently trading below $5

CUBA trading just above $7

Dinosaur Trader said...

At the time of his post, OMEX was right around $5 a share and SHERF, his other profiled company (not CUBA) was around $15.

OMEX had a nice rip into the high $7s in October, SHERF is more a play on Castro dying.

Anyway, I think BDC was profiling these companies more as fun than as huge buy recommendations.


Pete said...

w/ that picture u have to put some huey tune on ur blog