Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Virtual Office, $6792. SPX, -13.20, 1330.00.

Sanglucci, $2345 on 37,400 shares traded.
Timmay!, $1583 on 3100 shares traded.
$1079 on 51,000 shares traded.
$647 on 5620 shares traded.
$606 on 14,200 shares traded.
$496 on 2 contracts traded.
$39 on 3400 shares traded.
Wincity, no trades.
-$3 on 12,600 shares traded.

It was a mostly quiet day today. The volume was dull as we didn't even get to 1.5 billion shares traded. However, there was a fairly sizeable reversal in the market midday when some guy said something.

Oh, and CME shit the shower. Yes, it was down over 100 points.

Most of the attention from my office today was focused on CME. Overall, I don't think people were happy with their trades in the stock. I kept my distance.

I can't tell you how many times I heard this today... "I'm buying 'smee'" and then, a few minutes later... "Oh FUCK! 'smee' just FUCKED ME!"

Anyway, the VO kicked some ass today. Sanglucci probably traded on some inside information or stole some of that money from a fellow trader, but whatever, he made some good money. Meanwhile OBAT got smoked, losing $3. Hopefully, he can come back from the carnage.

Retardo had a solid day. In the email he sent me reporting his profits he wrote, "Tell Tim Sykes to suck on this!" And Mr. Sykes, (author and celebrity) who tripled Retardo's profits today wrote, "Tell that Retard guy to come advertise on my blog. I'll give him a 'special' rate."


Sanglucci said...

Yea you know I got that inside info boi.... what??? ..... JEEEEAAAAALLLOUSSSS!!! HAHA

Dinosaur Trader said...

Sanglucci puts the "lucci" in crazy.

Nice day!


Sanglucci said...

Nah but DT for real I'm having the same issues I'll do well in the morning and give it ALLL back but I've been able to really crush some things picking up on trend reversals that's what's been saving my day cause damn I'm convinced you can't scalp this market.... I mean you can but you gotta be perfect you know in avoiding that one big looser and who the fuck can do that???

swift_trader said...

sanglucci this is what i am talking about...was scalping today the shit out of yhoo until the big looser came in and took everything...i made most of my money in WB and BAC being able to catch some 20-30 cent runs...

DT i have added my first trading post today :) i'd be glad if u share a comment

swift_trader said...

sanglucci i like the kind of trading u are currently trying...being able to trade the trend and hold on the winner when u know u are right. I have seen in the last days also working best for me in this kind of market. however i am still having dificulties onto holding the winners for more cents. most of the times i get out making half or 1/3 of what i could have made if i were more patient. also somehow i am unwilling to put more shares even if i see it as a sure trade and even i have more confidence lately. the only times i am being able to take the full ride is only if i get distracted with another stock :))

Sanglucci said...

swift mah man I lost so much money tryna figure this out so I think my pain tolerance has somewhat increased let's say I mean it still ain't great but I'm startin to get used to holdin things as long as I'm confident in the trade to see it thru...the juicy trades are out here man these earnings plays are crazy lvs for the last couple days has been tough but if you can get hold of that trend and hang on you can catch some sick moves... Keep on tryin swift u gonna get it real soon