Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stock Market (and Politics) Link-Love

Finally, a video. Hillary is going to have to cheat if she wants the nomination and she has no problem with that. The Democratic candidates were not suppossed to actively campaign in Florida due to DNC rules that she ignored. Just another reason for me not to support her.


The Lonely Trader said...

Man, I never thought I would say this, but you're starting to resemble the HuffPo in the way you choose to see what you want to see about one candidate and not the other...LOL!

In any case, I appreciate that you feel the need to campaign for BO. It's hard not to like the guy. But I'm not so sure he's the guy we think he is. There is something about him that's just not quite right. Maybe it's his voting record (or lack of it). Maybe it's his contradictory foreign policy messages...but hell, who of the candidates is NOT guilty of that shit?

They're all a bunch of primadonnas with no guts whatsoever...and although some of them have a gift of oratory, they have no insight. None. Zip. Nada.

But hey, if it doesn't matter, then I will vote for an African American for President. I think we need to show that even with a fucked up body politic like ours, we can move beyond race.


Dinosaur Trader said...

Hmmm... I never realized his initials were "BO." That normally stands for "body odor." That could hurt him in the swing states...

I may have to change my backing.



The Lonely Trader said...

Ripening...noooooo!!!! The "BO" thing was unintended. From here on out I will write BHO. I swear on a stack of Presidential Signing Statements.

Bluedog said...

Hillary is a get it at all cost kind of woman. I get more turned off by the day.

The morning news is speculating that Edwards is going to announce he's dropping out of the race today. I hope these votes will swing to Obama.


The Lonely Trader said...

It's almost a sure thing Edwards will endorse Obama (I'd say 99% chance)...but honestly, to say that Hillary is a get it at all cost kind of woman is like calling a loose woman a know I'm talking about the one you just slept with??? Obama and Edwards are no different and nor are any of the other candidates. I hear that crap all the time. "Oh, she's just too ambitious for me." This is a Presidential campaign with a bunch of professional politicians. Jeeze. Seriously a double standard here and while I'm not a HC lover, I just don't like it. Never have.

Next thing you know, we'll be saying that about BHO after he wins the nominatino, when he's running against JM. "Oh, he's so articulate, but he's just a little too ambitious for me...."


Dinosaur Trader said...

I agree LT. They're all "get it at all cost" types... if they didn't have ambition, they wouldn't be in the position they're in.

Not to put words in BDs mouth, but I think what he meant is more like, she's a little dirty. Or at least, that's a charge that she can't seem to shake.

Also, I mostly agree with what you say (even though it's extremely cynical) that they're all mostly the same with their policies. I've said it here for awhile, that even the Repubs and the Dems are like 2 heads of the same monster. I think real change can only come from outside the 2 party system.

However, that said, if we're doomed to have a figurehead president, at least he can be inspiring. That's why I like BO.


JJ said...

Are you living on the same planet or do you just want to see what you want to see??? What is wrong with Hillary going to FL after the victory? Damn you're sensitive, enough so you have to post it on your blog.

BO is scary, he is exactly like a scared union leader that doesn't understand the complicated world. He's the left extreme to Bush's right. Hillary is a package deal, yes. But that's a good thing. Don't you remember the good times during the Clinton years, I loved it. Maybe people were too young to really remember it, but I'm hoping things will be even better the 2nd time around. They had great economic policies that resulted in free trade agreements, things BO probably will never do and even go the other way to "protect" American jobs.

Plus Bill would be a great foreign ambassador since he still enjoys great popularity and good will all over the world.

Another thing that bothers me about the guy is that belongs to that religous extremist church of his. If it were a white or muslim candidate that attended that church all hell would break loose.

Hillary/Bill all the way baby!

lisa said...

I agree with JJ -
Go Hill!!
I don't think Barack has the guts to stand up to the big boys, and she will.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Simply put, I think political dynastys are bad for America. I don't think Hillary and BO will have very different policies.

The debate tomorrow night should be great.


JJ said...

DT, I agree dynasties are bad but change for change's sake is worse.

I can see Obama's appeal, a breath of fresh air on the political scene and a great talker about how all this change is going to happen.

Well, I'd rather have someone who's been through (yeah I'm sure she was involved in everything) the closest we've ever come to negotiating a middle east peace deal and already made deals with North Korea. Plus I like how I can sell my home every 5 years with no taxes on gains, that's conservative fiscal policy at it's best courtesy of the Clinton years.

Yeah the debate should be good.